Ducktoes Computer Services

Ducktoes Computer Services is an online marketing and web design company based in Calgary, AB. Our online marketing and SEO analysts are experts on developing signals to Google that your site is an excellent (if not best) result for any given search query. When Google indexes these signals, it will gladly serve your site as a prominent, high ranking result every time users search for that term. We signal relevance by optimizing your on-page and source code content including meta-tags, text, images, and site structure for money keywords and topics. We signal authority by doing offsite optimization including citations, backlinks, and offsite content. When Google receives these signals and raises your ranking to the first page of search results, you can expect more traffic and business.

We signal excellence by presenting your site to its best advantage, designing the newest generation, eye-catching, call-to-action websites for your business or other organization. Most of our designs are in WordPress.

Our web designs help businesses grow their businesses 24/7 with our professional, clean, and attractive design that functions and navigates well. We make them mobile responsive, meaning they look great on any size of screen, whether it is a large flat screen monitor or small smart phone. We are developers as well as designers and can also create awesome e-commerce sites. We love and are experienced with Woocommerce. Your new design by Ducktoes will attract new clients and impress and retain the old. It will look good on any size screen. It also well reflect your business and you, making you look your best and showing off your best strengths. If you don’t already have a website, get your web feet wet with Ducktoes!

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